WIRED | The Aurora Gallery

"I'll make you see it, the beauty that you refuse to love in yourself." - Tyler Knott Gregson

Fashion, babes, art galleries, and 65 degree weather in March is what yesterday's shoot consisted of. SO much goodness, you guys!

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting at The Aurora Gallery over in Long Island City with the greatest team. The Aurora Gallery was the perfect setting for what I had planned and coordinated for this shoot - Super rustic, spacious, artsy, with an industrial flare. For this shoot I wanted to create something different/something artistic, while still sticking to my simplistic style.

Coral from Request Models was a dream to work with. Coral moved here from the Cayman Islands to pursue her dream as a model. She's such a mega babe, so incredibly sweet, and an island goddess! I'm always so inspired by other artists like herself, that make bold moves and life changing decisions (like moving to New York City!) to work hard at making a dream become a reality. I truly am so humbled to meet such talented and wonderful creatives like Coral and Duan.

Duan, another dream to work with and not to mention a mega babe herself, is another creative living in Brooklyn. She's so inspiring as well! Her and her boyfriend have the wittiest VLOG which constantly makes me laugh and inspires/challenges me to always share love and smiles with everyone I encounter in this great city. Duan has such a kind and loving heart and it's always a pleasure capturing her flawless beauty. Go check out her VLOG by clicking the button below!

This shoot was styled by the super talented Valerie Kondruk who just had our jaws dropping over the greatest fashion pieces. She truly blew me away with the loveliest of looks that captured my vision so perfectly. We were all swooning over the vintage pieces brought - From Dolce & Gabbana to Topshop to Stuart Weitzman... Valerie nailed it! Makeup + Hair was created by Nicole Joseph MUA. She created the perfect smokey look for Duan and a subtle yet glowy/dewey look for Coral. I just couldn't have asked for a better team of ladies to work with. Like I said above, I'm just so appreciative and thankful to meet, work with, and have friends like these women.

PS, A few of these photos were submitted to W Magazine. Praying that they are appreciated and selected. I will keep you all posted! Happy Wednesday and I hope this week brings you so much joy!


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