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I'm forever grateful & honored to be featured on + published in:

Bridal Musings, Last Daze, Belong Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Little Peanut Mag, Inspired By This, Carats & Cake, Ellements Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Mywedding Magazine, Mith Magazine, Wedding Chicks, Best Friends for Frosting, Smitten Magazine, Desiree Hartsock, Cotton, Old Navy, Louboutin World, Thryve Magazine, The Fount Collective, Loverly, The Knot, Blooms By The Box, Burnett's Boards, and more!

I honestly have to say that I've been blessed with most of my work being from Instagram - Whether a friend showing another friend my work on there, or just someone who I've never met looking through hashtags and happened to stumble across my page. Social media is beyond amazing for showcasing your work along with your work being appreciated and noticed. Specifically Instagram! So if you're on Instagram, come say hello and follow along my journey!

Instagram: @mariadanielledoka