I'm seriously so thankful and so thrilled that you are here!

I'm a photojournalist lifestyle photographer based out of New York - Astoria, NY to be exact! I recently got married to my dream man and we moved to Astoria. We enjoy visiting and hanging out at coffee shops, traveling + adventuring around, good wine and movies, and hanging with our sweet dog, Kono.

Being able to pursue what I truly love in the greatest city is such a dream come true. Each new client is a wonderful way for me to present my creativity. I love meeting with my clients and getting to know them and I absolutely love hearing about their life story / love story. I'm such a sucker for capturing those raw + real moments. The greatest moments to me are the natural candid ones where you are just being yourself. My passion is to create memories for you to cherish forever - Memories that reflect who you are. Memories that reflect love, pure joy, and genuineness.

My passion and love for photography goes much deeper than just capturing weddings. My heart has been after fashion & beauty photography this past year... So I'm very excited to see what's ahead in that area of my career. If you take a look at my work you will get a good idea about what suits me and what my style is. If you are super happy with what you see here, shoot me an email and say hello! Let's create awesome memories. I can't wait to hear from you!

For everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory. All glory to Him forever!
— Romans 11:36